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Our free Astronomy Articles

There are a number of articles we have written which have proven to be quite useful to amateur astronomers and star gazers. They are free and the links to them are listed below.

The Names of Stars (2005)
100 Brightest Galaxies for Southern Observers (2004)
100 Brightest Planetary Nebula for Southern Observers (2006)
CCD Cameras A Quantum Leap for Amateur Astronomy (1998)

Awards & Publications

Over the past three decades our astronomical photography work has won awards and been published in dozens of publications, including TV documentaries, front pages of science publications, high school textbooks and many more. Following is a short list of some of those achievements.

  • Our astrophotography work is used by the BBC in the TV series The Seven Ages of Starlight. See our name in the cast. Watch the documentary
  • Houghton Mifflin Harcourt publishers in the U.S. use one of our photographs in a high school text book with a circulation of 583,000.
  • Our range of astrophotography work is selected to be displayed and sold by Australia's largest optical telescope observatory at the Australian Astronomical Observatory (AAO), near Coonabarabran in the state of New South Wales.
  • Our photograph of the Carina Nebula is archived in the Powerhouse Museum. See it here.
  • Before digital cameras were invented Paul built his own to photograph the universe. See the full story here.
  • Paul wins Australia's first Astrophotography Competition.
  • Paul's astronomy photo is is chosen from Australia to be displayed in the Malaysia Astrophotography Exhibition. See it here.
  • Our photograph of the Triangulum Galaxy makes front page of the Northern Territory Newspapers. Find it on our Facebook page.
  • Our photograph of the Horsehead Nebula makes front page of the Gilgandra Newspaper. Find it on our Facebook page.