Canvas Artworks

Photography from the Australian Night Sky

Welcome to our collection of Sky Art on Canvas

Our canvas frames are made with premium Meranti hardwood and ready to hang. The Inks and canvas are independently tested to last for more than 75 years. We use heavy weight 440 gsm archival canvas that feels like denim. Coated with a high quality spray coating providing resistance to moisture and scuffing and 75 years of UV light protection. Finished with art gallery stainless steel wire and screws. .

Canvas Sizes
Medium - 450 x 300mm (18 x 12")
Large - 600 x 450mm (24 x 18")
Xtra Large - 900 x 600mm (36 x 24" )

a Volcanic mountain landscape backdropped by our Galaxy

Milky Way over the Warrumbungles

Volcanic Mountain Landscape backdropped by our Galaxy

Billions of stars near the centre of the Milky Way set behind the moonlit Warrumbungles featuring Bluff Mountain (left) and Mount Exmouth (right).

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The Horsehead Nebula

The Horsehead Nebula

1700 light years away in Orion

A dark nebula resembling a horse’s head appears at centre, siloutted against a large glowing red nebula in the background. The bright star at left is the star Alnitak, the east most star in Orion's belt.

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The River in the Skyworld

Outback Galactica

The River in the Skyworld (Australian Aboriginal)

The glow from billions of individual stars and enormous dark lanes of interstellar dust near the core of our galaxy, the Milky Way.

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The Galactic Tree on stretched canvas

The Galactic Tree

Looking off-world, toward the centre of our galaxy, wow!

This amazing tree is silhouetted against the glow from billions of stars and dark lanes of interstellar dust that make up our galaxy, the Milky Way.

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The The Pink Super Moon

The Pink Super Moon

Warrumbungles, Australia

This natural color image reveals regions of sutle color arising from different minerals on the lunar surface. “Pink” moon marks the annual appearance of the moss-pink flower.

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